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United Way of Columbia and Greene Counties

The United Way of Columbia & Greene Counties, Inc. is a volunteer led voluntary resource development and human service organization.  Started in 1932, as the Community Chest of Columbia County, the United Way took its present title in the 1990's and has worked since then to collaborate with a  cross-section of volunteers and agencies, both public and private, in a two community-wide effort to efficiently support and deliver needed human service programs. The shared values of United Way include commitment to: Integrity, Inclusiveness, Volunteerism, Community Building and Impact.

Be the trusted leader in our community by bringing people together to create solutions that improve people's lives.

To maximize and focus resources to improve people’s lives by activating the caring power of our community.

Live United
Underneath everything we are,
Underneath everything we do,
We are all people.
Connected, Interpendent, United.
And when we reach out a hand to one
We influence the condition of all.
That's what it means to


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